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Hana Don exclusively offers high-end ingredients rarely available at local competitors. Fresh fish are imported directly from Japan to our restaurant in less than 5 days. To ensure freshness, some menu items are offered on a seasonal basis.


Flavour: The squid's mantle has a firm texture. It has a mild flavour that takes well to rice and vinegar. The body of the squid is served raw while the tentacles are cooked.

Season: May to August

Size: Normally up to 60cm, giant varieties may reach up 13m

Bluefin Tuna

Akami: This lean, firm and meaty cut comes from the top of the fish. It has a chewy texture and an intense umami flavor highly regarded by connoisseurs.

Chu-toro: This marbled belly cut has a high fat content that melts in the mouth. It has a rich taste and buttery texture with a milky pink colour.

O-toro: This premium cut comes from the fattiest part of the belly near the head. It has a pale pink colour that instantly melts on the tongue.

Season: Year round

Size: Very large; peaks at 3m long and nearly 700kg

Varieties: Yellowfin, bigeye, northern bluefin, southern bluefin, albacore, skipjack

Sea Urchin

Flavour: Sea urchin has a sweet and luscious flavour. Often called the "foie gras of the ocean," sea urchin has a rich, buttery texture that melts in the mouth. Its distinctive taste combines well with other ingredients like sushi rice. It is a highly-prized delicacy.

Season: Late summer up to end of April (Japan); hand harvesting from Oct to winter (North America)

Size: Very small; ranges 3cm to 10cm with a maximum of 36cm


Flavour: Mackerel contains a bold flavour that stands up to stronger ingredients. Its buttery, oily flesh has a smooth, meaty flavour. It is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids and important nutrients like DHA and EPA. It can either be served raw, grilled, or cured.

Season: Available year round, but more flavourful in fall and winter

Size: Small

Unagi, Anago

Flavour: Eels have a mild flavour with no fishy aftertaste. They have a slightly meaty texture that is soft yet firm. The freshwater variety of eel (unagi) is grilled and served with a rich sauce while its saltwater counterpart is either simmered or deep-fried. Eels feature high levels of protein, vitamin A and calcium.

Season: Year round; popularly consumed in Japan during summer months as a way to cool down

Size: 100 to 150cm


Flavour: Salmon has a distinctive hue ranging between peachy orange and deep red. It has a rich and flavourful taste that is tender, fatty, and a bit buttery. Wild salmon is more robustly flavoured than farm-cultivated varieties due to a higher fat content.

Season: Autumn through winter

Size: Medium-large ranging between 3.5kg to 4.5kg

Sea Bream

Flavour: Sea breams are a firm-fleshed white fish that are mild in flavour without much of a fishy flavour. It makes for a large contrast from stronger-flavoured fish like eel or mackerel. Associated with good luck and celebrations, this versatile ingredient works well as a sashimi or grilled dish.

Due to its longevity (up to 40 years), taste and texture varies with age. Younger sea breams are more tender and even served with their skin on.

Season: All year, but develops its highest fat content between May and August before summer spawning

Size: medium, average of 1.25m


Flavour: Octopus is a seafood with a mild flavour closer to chicken or clam than to other fish. Octopus tentacles may be eaten raw or poached, the latter of which provides a sweeter flavour and firmer texture. Octopus has a chewy texture that resembles lobster when cooked.

Season: Summer

Size: Variable; normal length of 60cm to 90cm; giant varieties range up to 50kg

Hamachi, amberjack, buri

Flavour: Yellowtail's marbled fat content gives it a rich buttery flavour. Its translucent, pinkish white flesh has a soft texture with a citrus aftertaste.

Season: Available year round, but best in winter

Size: small, 20cm to 40cm


Flavour: Bonito is a dark meat fish with a strong fragrance and umami flavour. As one of the most important fish in Japanese cuisine, bonito is served raw for sashimi dishes or lightly seared. Its distinctive flavour appears as bonito flakes used on a variety of foods like takyoyaki or okonomiyaki.

Season: April to May (lean yet flavourful); September into late fall (fattened up and full of umami)

Size: medium with a maximum of 19kg and 1m long